The Process

Informative presentations

One of the most important aspects of EUA’s Institutional Evaluation Program is that both information about and participation to the self evaluation process be made wide-spread among the members of the University – including the academic staff, administrative staff and students. For this purpose, members of the self are making informative presentations throughout the University.

EUA Evaluation Team’s visits to Izmir University of Economics

Between the 10th and the 12th of March 2009, the EUA Evaluation Team visited Izmir University of Economics and conduct interviews with representatives from academic and administrative departments as well as student groups. This was the first of two visits which the evaluation team conduct throughout the Institutional Evaluation Program. This first visit’s purposes were:
• To contribute to greater awareness by the institution at large of the evaluation process and its main purpose: to enhance the institution’s strategic development and change management through an examination of its internal quality arrangements
• To identify the topics for the second site visit and to set the appropriate tone. An open and self-critical approach on the part of the institution is much more beneficial than a “public relations” approach

The EUA Evaluation Team consist of the following members

• Alberto Amaral (President), Portugal, Porto University, former Rector.
• Airi Rovio-Johansson (Secretary), Sweden, Gothenburg University, lecturer.
• Ivan Leban, Slovenia, Ljubljana University, former Vice-Rector.
• Noel Whelan, Ireland, Limerick University Vice-President.
• Francesca D’Ingianna, Italy, Student.